GTech CNC Pantograph Serie S

Stationary computer-controlled engraving machine to the rational engrave in-depth inscriptions, ornaments, and vector graphics on tomb stones or stone slabs.


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-Stabile welded steel construction

- Work table with polyamide plates and stainless steel tray
Guides covered with bellows
- Hardened, chrome-plated linear guides
- Height adjustment via precision recirculating ball screw
- Tool cooling with integrated water pump,
  Stainless steel water collection tray
- incl. PC with Control Panel, keyboard and mouse
- Remote control with axis motion X - Y - Z. Z - 0



Technical data:
-Length: 2300 mm
-Width: 2200 mm
-Height: 1750 mm
-Weight: 650 kg
-Travel: X - 1500 mm
-Travel: Y - 1200 mm
-Height: Z - 250 mm
-Spindle: 2,2 kW, water-cooled
-Tool holder for tools Ø 6, Ø 8, Ø 10 mm, Ø 12 mm

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CNC engraving machines to the rational
Creating enhanced fonts and vector graphics
on tomb stones or stone slabs

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Memorials, Stone inscriptions, Stonemasonry
Memorials, Gravestones and Headstones engraving




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